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Wild Workout Disclaimer:

I understand that Wild Workouts take place in outdoor natural environments such as woodland, parks and gardens and therefore I understand that taking part involves an element of risk. Uneven ground may present trip hazards and may be slippery when wet and muddy. Some of our locations are near water such as streams. Stinging nettles, brambles, holly and other plants may pose a hazard, as may low branches, logs and stumps. 


Some activities may involve walking along logs and other natural material, crossing streams, hanging or swinging from branches, climbing trees and weight bearing activities on other natural materials or benches. I understand that I am responsible for my own safety. I will reasonably test the suitability and ability of these natural or man-made items to be able to hold my weight before attempting the activity. I will only take part in the activity if I feel safe and physically able to do so. 


Classes take place in all weather with the exception of extreme weather conditions which may pose a safety risk such as high winds, flooding or heavy snow. I understand that I should dress appropriately for the weather and wear suitable footwear. Some of our locations can become very muddy and water-logged following heavy rainfall.


I will seek advice from my GP before commencing a Wild Workout class if I have any underlying medical conditions which may affect my ability to safely take part in a class. 

(For those attending our family classes) I will supervise my children at all times and take responsibility for their safety during all activities. The coach will adjust activities for different ages and abilities and I will let the coach know if I feel an activity needs adjusting for my child. 

I accept the risk associated with undertaking physical activity in a natural environment and take responsibility for my own safety. I will notify the coach if I feel unable to take part in a particular exercise or activity and the coach will either modify the activity to make it safer for me, or I will skip out that activity.  

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