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Get Back to Nature

As a result of our largely sedentary culture, many of us have lost the full scope of movement available to us. As we lose strength or flexibility, we start to compensate by using parts that were not designed to do the job. For example, can you lift your arms above your head without lifting your rib cage in order to do it? Stiffness in the shoulders can cause us to recruit our ribs to help us get the job done. This can weaken our core and have a knock on effect to other areas such the back or pelvic floor. Our bodies were designed to move and indeed they require a wide range of micro and macro movements in order to stay healthy. Movement affects our well-being right down to a cellular level.


Wild Workouts start with the foundational corrective moves required to bring our bodies back into alignment and balance and build up to more advanced moves that challenge the full scope of our natural movement ability. The classes aim to help you grow in confidence, resilience, flexibility, strength and balance and get you back to moving the way our ancestors did. Suitable for all ages and abilities, these sessions will also help you to reconnect with
nature as many of the sessions take place outdoors in woodland or gardens.

Wild Workouts are based around four foundational human movements: 

  • Walking

  • Squatting

  • Hanging

  • Crawling

The focus of the classes are on learning how to move effectively so that we are employing the most efficient muscle groups for the task, un-doing the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, improving fitness and gaining a sense of wellbeing by being outside in natural environments. 

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Most of our classes take place in natural environments such as woodland, parks or gardens

All Abilities

Exercises are adapted to suit your ability level and confidence. We start small and establish the basics before moving on to more difficult moves such as hanging and swinging

Get the Whole Family Moving

Wild Workout Family Adventures are coming soon! 


Have fun being adventurous and creative with movement. How many different ways can you move across a fallen tree trunk?

Book a Class

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