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Pain Management

Treatment, advice and strategies for dealing with persistent pain

Injury Rehabilitation

Help to reduce swelling, regain strength, mobility and confidence following a muscle injury or bone fracture


Sports massage and movement strategies to help reduce the physical effects of stress and anxiety and provide a sense of relaxation and wellbeing

Exercise Recovery and Sports Performance

Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy to help reduce recovery time and improve sports performance

How Can We Help?

Soft Tissue Therapy can help with the following:

  • Persistent Pain (eg. neck, back, shoulder, elbow, hip or leg pain)

  • Reduced Range of Movement (eg. pain or limited movement when turning your head, bending or reaching)

  • Muscle Stiffness or Soreness

  • Injury Rehabilitation (eg. help to reduce swelling, rebuild strength, improve flexibility and regain confidence after a muscular injury or bone fracture)

  • Work or Sports Related Pain or Dysfunction (are you experiencing ankle pain after running, back pain after mucking out a stable or lifting a patient, neck pain from working at a computer, leg pain after driving?)

  • Exercise Recovery (reduce muscle soreness and deal with any niggles as they arise so you can be ready for your next training session or workout)

  • Stress/Anxiety Management (lower cortisol levels, feel calmer, deal with muscle soreness/stiffness from prolonged anxiety or stress)

  • Improve Sports Performance (regular treatment as part of your training schedule can help to improve strength, flexibility and range of movement, move more effectively and deal with any niggles as they arise to help prevent or rehabilitate injury) 


Treatment Sessions draw on a wide range of techniques including:

  • corrective functional exercise

  • sports massage

  • remedial soft tissue therapy

  • pain education

  • natural movement coaching.

The therapist will help you to understand any postural or movement pattern issues that you may have and work with you to empower you to make lasting changes. 

In Person Treatment Now Available

1st Appointment = 60 min £45

Subsequent appointments:

60 min £45

45 min £35

30 min £25

Appointments are usually available on Mondays and Thursdays between 4:30pm and 7:30pm. Other days and times may be available on request.  

What to wear

Please wear conventional underwear. For your first appointment please wear a tight-fitting top and shorts that come above the knee or leggings. 

When you can't have massage

There are some medical conditions that make massage treatment unsuitable. A medical history will be taken at your first appointment to check for any contraindications. If the therapist is not able to proceed with treatment due to a contraindication you will not be charged, however you may wish to discuss your condition with the therapist via a telephone call before booking an appointment. Here are a few examples of when massage is not suitable:

  • Within 14 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine

  • With 48 hours of having any other type of vaccine

  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including prescription pain medication)

  • Fever

  • Infectious diseases

  • Infectious skin conditions

  • During the 1st trimester of pregnancy

  • Following recent surgery (within 6 months)

  • Acute injury

  • Heart failure and some other heart conditions

Book an Appointment

To book, please contact Hannah on 07493823283

or use the contact form below. 

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Hannah Hall

Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist

Hannah is a level 5 qualified soft tissue therapist and trained at the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage. 

She has over 10 years experience and has worked with a wide range of clients including professional sports players, equestrians, drivers, health-care workers and office workers.

Hannah takes a keen interest in natural movement and biomechanics and has completed the Healthy Foot Practitioner Course with Nutritious Movement. She is also a fully qualified dance teacher.

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