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Reign in Life House Church

Our House Church is a place to feed your spirit and meet together as a church family. All ages are welcome.


We meet in small groups (up to about 20 people) because this fosters a sense of community, enables people to make friends, support each other and also enables everyone to feel part of the meetings. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, contribute and grow in their spiritual gifts. 


We believe that God works in families because they are a picture of the relationship between Christ and His church. Our houses churches are a place to experience being part of a family. 


Our worship style is charismatic Pentecostal with a strong emphasis on the word of God. We are non-denominational but have our roots in the Word of Faith. We believe in righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ and place a strong emphasis on Grace and the blood sacrifice of Jesus.   

Our Meetings




at High Winds 


Meeting times are subject to change so please check the website and follow us on Facebook for updates.  

Free to attend, no need to book. 

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​Telephone : ​07493823283

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