Spiritual Salvation

Spiritual salvation

Salvation is a deep and meaningful spiritual transformation that takes place when a person first believes in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. When a person receives salvation, their spirit is re-born and made alive. They connect with God in a tangible and personal way and are able to come into God's presence free from guilt, shame, fear or condemnation.  

Salvation is a complete sense of well being that includes: health, help, deliverance, victory, provision and protection. It is a transformation that starts in the spirit but often affects a person's body and soul as well. 

The wonderful thing about salvation is that it is a free gift that God wants to give to us. Salvation cannot be earned or worked for and as a result it is available to anyone and everyone who believes. 

Salvation occurs when someone understands and receives the sacrifice that Jesus made when He died on the cross around 2000 years ago. He died to take our punishment for sin. Jesus rose from the dead just three days later, and it is His resurrection life that empowers us to live an abundant life here on earth.  

Salvation Nights

We usually hold Salvation Nights once a month. They are a great place to find out more and, if you want to, begin your spiritual journey. The evenings are fairly informal. We teach on an aspect of salvation and there is opportunity to ask questions. We also sing spiritual songs, pray and share Holy Communion. There will also be an invitation to receive salvation for those who would like to, although we never pressure people as we believe that a person's spiritual journey is a very personal one and should always be open to free will. 

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