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Welcome to High Winds

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

High Winds is a dream come true for us. After my Dad retired we relocated to a nine bedroom home where we could all live together. So the family is made up of myself (Hannah), my husband (Martin), my two children (Robyn and Benjamin), my Mum (Clare) and Dad (Doug), my brother (Reuben), my Auntie (Jan) and her son (Sam).

Lots of people have been curious as to how life works in our three generational home so I started this blog.


So are dreams that come true dreamy? You know when we dream about something, we always miss out the hard stuff don’t we? We dream of the glitz and glamour and how wonderful everything will be and push the blood, sweat and tears to one side. But life has both and that doesn’t make a dream any less wonderful, it just makes it real.

The thing about family is that it is the place where love is really tested. It is easy to love people from afar, but when you live together and do life together you can’t hide. All your short-comings and imperfections are on show for everyone to see and you get to see everyone else’s too.

So sometimes life can be challenging but the rewards are even greater because we fight and argue, and struggle with our own insecurities, but we do it together and we help each other grow in character and strength. And there is nothing more special than sharing in each other’s successes, knowing that there is always someone to turn to when we need help and  knowing that no matter how badly we think we have failed, we know we have a family who won’t give up on loving us.

So as you read the lighter side of life in this blog remember that sometimes your life can be challenging but those challenges don’t make life any less perfect and they don’t make you any less perfect either. You are special and you are loved and love is the most difficult yet rewarding and wonderful thing there is.

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