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Time for Tea

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Today I had to wait for the kettle to boil! I haven't boiled a kettle since May.

"That is oddly specific," says Martin.

"Yes, well that's when we went on holiday." says I.

When you live in a large family, seemingly easy every day things can become rather complicated. For example making tea.

When we first moved in to High Winds we were boiling two kettles at once and making 8 cups of tea. You try remembering who has whole milk, semi skimmed, soya or goats milk (yes we seriously have that many types of milk in our fridge), then who has sugar and add to that are they having normal tea, decaf, Earl grey, peppermint, fennel or chamomile and you can see how making tea is not so straight forward.

Well boiling a kettle became a thing of the past because Reuben bought us a Burco Boiler! Oh how we love hot water on tap. Now everyone makes their own tea. We do make tea for visitors, however I have to say it is not long before people quite merrily help themselves to hot drinks (and snacks for that matter, people are very welcome to rummage in the fridge and cupboards).

So yes, no Burco because it is being descaled and our little kettle was very grateful to have an outing.

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