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Laundry Mountain

Updated: Aug 24, 2019


Please tell me I am not the only one who lets their ironing pile turn into a mini mountain. Well my Mum’s does too, but hey is there anyone else out there? I would say it’s hereditary but my grandma is super organised and does her ironing every morning so her basket is nearly always empty so I don’t know where my Mum gets it from.

At High Winds we are blessed with a utility room so it doesn’t matter too much I suppose because we have a whole room to hide our washing in. I used to live in a small flat when I first got married and we used to hide the ironing basket under the bed which wasn’t too bad as there was only two of us. At my last house I hid the basket in the understairs cupboard which hid it from visitors but it made it tricky to get the hoover out of the cupboard.

So how does laundry work at High Winds? Each family unit is in charge of their own washing. We have two washing machines and two tumble dryers which are certainly put through their paces. We happen to have three irons and three ironing boards but that is just because we all brought ours with us when we moved and well, you get used to your own iron and board. (But I probably won’t buy a new one when mine finally breaks).

We don’t have a rota, we just use the machines when they are free and when we want to use them. It works pretty well. We do occasionally have to walk round the house trying to find the owner of an odd sock or a pair of trousers. And then there was the time that Sam couldn’t find his white shirt the night before an exam so he had to borrow Martin’s, only to find out that Martin had accidently been wearing Sam’s white shirt to work.  Hmm that was pretty stressful but apart for from that our system (or lack of one) works very well.


So there you have it. Oh and here is a picture of my empty basket. Empty basket!!!! That was a proud moment for me lol. 

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