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If Cats Could Talk

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Here is an interview with our furriest member of the family, Simba.

Simba curled up on the bed.

In her favourite place

Where is your favourite place?: Oh that has to be on Jan’s bed. It’s so soft and comfy and Jan has bought a comforter just for me to lie on.

What is your favourite food?: Ham! Ham. Hammmmmmm. Seriously I love ham. It is kept in that big cold cupboard in the kitchen. If I stand in the kitchen and meow loudly enough I either get told to be quiet or I get given ham so meowing is always worth a try in my opinion. I also love tuna, Benjamin buys tins of tuna me. Of course from day today I have to eat those crunchy brown things that Sam puts in my bowl.

Climbing on the roof

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?: Ok right, don’t tell anyone but when no one is looking I climb out of the window and see if I can walk along the triangular piece of the roof. I quite like the idea of taking up parkour as a hobby, so I thought climbing on the roof is a good way to test the waters so to speak. I also enjoy climbing trees.

Is there anything you don’t like?: Cold weather. Seriously I don’t understand why the humans insist on me spending time outside in the winter. I hate the cold and I hate the rain. I have heard about the importance of exercise and I take that very seriously. Every evening before I go to bed, I run across the hallway, up the stairs and along the landing and turn around and run back down again. I can exercise perfectly well inside. The garden is only a nice place to be in the summer when I can roll in the dust and sunbathe. Our garden is also full of squirrels and I hate the noise they make. There is also this horrible black cat that bullies me and we have got into a few fights.

Helping Sam with his school work

Who is your favourite person?: Sam. Yeah Sam is my human. I do what I can to help him. He has to do all this studying so I sit on his books and tell him what a great job he is doing. I mean he needs encouraging, it all looks like hard work to me. He tells me to get off the table and then shuts me out of the lounge. I mean I was only trying help! After all, he gives me those crunchy brown things to eat and cleans my litter tray and strokes me I thought it would be good to do some things to help him too.

What has been your greatest struggle?: When we moved to this big house. I suffered quite a bit with anxiety. For about six months everything kept changing. I would find a good place to hide and then the next time I look that place had gone. There were all these people, new people to live with and so many people coming and going, it was tough. I had treatment for the anxiety and that seemed to help. Also Sam and Jan spent lot’s of time reassuring me and they would walk round the garden with me so I didn’t have to be out there by myself.

Simba and Robyn

What would be your best bit of advice to give to your fellow felines?: Just let the toddlers stroke you. My heart goes out to all those cats who have to live with a toddler, especially toddlers who love cats. Robyn’s first word was cat and she chases me everywhere. I used to run away at first but now I can’t be bothered. If you just let the kids stroke you they get bored quickly and if they don’t one of the grown ups normally tells them it’s time to leave me alone, so I figured putting up with it is easier. Oh and sit near the highchair when they are eating ham or cheese sandwiches!

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