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Hidden Treasure

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

When we were house hunting we looked around a really interesting house. It had a huge back door with a key the size of a wooden spoon. It was the sort of key that you would imagine a jailer would use to open a dungeon. This house also had a huge bell outside that you rang by pulling on a rope. We all loved the idea of having a massive bell we could ring to call everybody to dinner.

High Winds is a lovely house but it didn’t have a dinner bell. Or at least we were under the assumption that it didn’t have a dinner bell. Recently Martin was sorting through a cupboard and right at the very top, hidden away in a dark corner was a splendid old bell. The sort of bell that you would ring in a pub for last orders at the bar.

I love finding hidden treasure. So as it turns out High Winds does have a dinner bell after all, it just took us 16 months to find it!

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