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Give Me Some Slack!

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

My family often think I am crazy. It was my birthday not too long ago and when my brother, Reuben, asked me what I wanted he was rather bemused by my response. I overheard him run it past my Mum because he thought my request was rather unorthodox. Her reply - “I don’t know either. It’s what she wants so just buy it for her.”

Why would anyone want one of those? What is the point? Well my answer was “for fun!”.

And it turns out that my idea was not so crazy and ridiculous as people first thought. I finally got to try out my present for the first time yesterday and suddenly there was a queue of people all waiting for a turn. And was it fun? Immensely!

There is is a bit of wellness science behind it too. Slacklining is great for balance, co-ordination and core strength. I wanted a slack line for fun but also because I love to find ways of including more movement and outdoor time into my day.

I’m sure there is a moral behind the story too. People may tease you when they don’t understand you, but keep living what you believe in and others might start to follow in your footsteps.

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