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A Tree-mendous Week!

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Tree Surgeon

You wouldn't believe the number of trees we have at High Winds. We have (if I have counted right) 39 Holly trees, 3 Scott's Pines, 1 Goat's Willow, 2 Japanese Maples, 1 Oak, a number of laurels and few other trees (I have forgotten what type they are).

The tree surgeons were in this week doing some pollarding and also removing some trees. It is so much fun to watch. To remove a tree they climb up it with a saw hanging from their belt and cut off all the branches first, then they cut the trunk down piece by piece as they make their way back down the tree. They must have nerves of steel because the trunk sways!

They were proud this year because our beloved oak is beginning to look really nice. Last year the guys dead wooded the oak but it was in a bad way and they weren't sure if it was salvageable or if it would have to come down. We are pleased to say they did a great job and looks like the oak will be here for many years to come.

Our beautiful Oak

Our garden feels more like a woodland than a garden with our grass often being littered with pine cones, needles, holly leaves and presents from the birds. We have all been told off by the car wash people when we get our cars washed because of they are so dirty! Lovely sticky, sappy mess! Hmm. But on the other hand we can sit and watch the squirrels and the birds while we are having breakfast. We can watch the bats on a clear summer's evening. We can listen to the owl hooting at 1 o'clock in the morning and hear the dawn chorus when we wake up. Oh and not to mention all the fun we can have playing in the trees during the day.

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