Fix Your Feet

Corrective Exercise Course

Fix Your Feet, Corrective Exercise

Our feet work hard for us, holding us up and carrying us around. Take some time out to give your feet some special care and attention.   

Our culture of wearing shoes from a young age and for long periods of time may leave feet feeling stiff and prevent them from utilising their full movement capability. 

Did you know that 25% of all the joints in your body are found below the ankle? Our feet have so much movement potential. 

Fix Your Feet is a four week corrective exercise course that will challenge, strengthen, stimulate and mobilise your feet, helping you to work towards a greater sense of whole body well-being. 

What to Expect

Fix Your Feet consists of 4 x 1 hour movement and information sessions.


We will provide you with a yoga mat and a High Winds Life gym bag containing: a half-dome foam roller, yoga strap and tennis ball. These will be yours to keep so that you can practise all the exercise at home in between sessions and carry on with the exercises long after the course has finished if you wish. 

We will give you ideas on how to fit the exercises into your everyday life so that it doesn't take up too much extra time in your day. We will also look at the effects of posture and footwear and discuss how to safely transition to minimal footwear if that is something you would like to do.

Class sizes are kept very small to give you lots of one to one help and opportunity to ask questions. Exercises can be modified to make them more accessible or more challenging as needed. 

When courses are running they will be listed below. If you would like to attend a course please get in touch to register your interest. 

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