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Ballet Kids
Ballet Kids

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Preschool Ballet

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Baby Ballet

Ballet Kids
Ballet Kids


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Your Performing Arts School in Yarnfield, Stone

Does your child love to dance? Ballet classes at Grace and Power Performing Arts (GAPPA) help to foster a love of dance and theatre.


Why dance with us?

  • Small class sizes

  • Individual attention

  • High quality training

  • Emphasis on story-telling and performance

  • In-house assessment and awards to track and reward your child's progress

  • Fully qualified ISTD teacher who has an excellent understanding of anatomy, child development and safe dance practice 

  • Performance opportunities 

  • ISTD exam work on request

  • Boys are specially catered for with boys work taught and teaching methods adapted as needed. 


What will children learn? 

As well as learning how to dance, act and sing, children will learn many skills that can help them in their day to day lives such as:

  • Confidence

  • Teamwork

  • Listen Skills

  • Creativity

  • Perseverance

  • Co-ordination

  • Body Awareness

  • Proprioception


Our Ethos


  • Music, stories and imagery used are carefully chosen to be age-appropriate and encourage good morals and positive character development.

  • We provide a caring, encouraging and positive environment for children to learn. We meet children where they are at, identify their strengths and weakness and help them to reach their full potential, adapting teaching techniques to suit the way that each child learns. We believe in contributing to building a child's confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

  • We recognise that parents play an essential role in a child's dancing journey. Transparency is important to us and therefore parents are welcome to watch classes if they wish. We keep parents updated with their child's progress and make suggestions of how parents can help their children to practise at home if they want to. 


Our Classes


Ballet is a beautiful art-form that is rich in history and has story-telling at its core. Learning ballet can make learning other forms of dance easier because it provides a great foundation in dance posture, technique and strength. We provide ballet classes from the age of 18 months. Children usually start to learn barre work at the age of 7 or 8. 

Modern Theatre Dance

Modern combines many different styles of dance including jazz, contemporary and street. It is a technical form of dance and works on building stamina, strength and flexibility. Modern lessons start at the age of 4.  


Musical Theatre

Learn to sing, act and dance all at the same time! Learn the stories and music from some of your favourite shows and enjoy working as a team to create some great routines. Musical Theatre Classes start from the age of 4.


Learn a variety of different acting styles and skills including monologues, poetry, public speaking, group work, story-telling, improvisation and script work. Classes are avaible from the age of 6. 

ISTD Exams

Those wishing to take ISTD exams will need to attend two classes per week in their chosen subject. Please contact us for more details. 


Timetable will be announced when classes can re-open.


2:00-4:00 Home Education Classes

4:00-6:00 After School Classes


2:00-4:00 Home Education Classes

4:00-6:00 After School Classes


4:00-6:00 After School Classes

Term Dates



Class fees are payable in advance each half term. 

30 min - £3.50

45 min - £5.25

60 min - £7.00

Students will also need to purchase the school uniform. 

Contact us for cost of private lessons. 

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