Ballet and Performing Arts Classes 

In person dance classes are open again

Your Ballet School in Yarnfield, Stone

Does your child love to dance? Ballet classes at Grace and Power Performing Arts (GAPPA) help to foster a love of dance and theatre.


Why dance with us?

  • Small class sizes

  • Individual attention

  • High quality training

  • Emphasis on story-telling and performance

  • In-house assessment and awards to track and reward your child's progress

  • Fully qualified ISTD teacher who has an excellent understanding of anatomy, child development and safe dance practice 

  • Performance opportunities 

  • ISTD exam work on request

  • Boys are specially catered for with boys work taught and teaching methods adapted as needed. 


What will children learn? 

  • Ballet steps and technique

  • Musicality

  • Mime

  • Story-telling through dance

  • Body awareness and proprioception

  • Transferable skills such as teamwork, confidence, co-ordination and listening


Our Ethos


  • Music, stories and imagery used are carefully chosen to be age-appropriate and encourage good morals and positive character development.

  • We provide a caring, encouraging and positive environment for children to learn. We meet children where they are at, identify their strengths and weakness and help them to reach their full potential, adapting teaching techniques to suit the way that each child learns. We believe in contributing to building a child's confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

  • We recognise that parents play an essential role in a child's dancing journey. Transparency is important to us and therefore parents are welcome to watch classes if they wish. We keep parents updated with their child's progress and make suggestions of how parents can help their children to practise at home if they want to. 


Our Classes

Please see the timetable to see which classes are currently running. If you are interested in joining a class that is not currently on the timetable, please contact us, as we may be able to start a class for you.

Baby Ballet - for ages 18 months -3 years

A parent and child class where mum or dad joins in to help build confidence. We use lots of props, imagery and singing. This is a movement and music class that introduces a few basic ballet steps. Children work towards our Preschool Star Awards. 


Preschool - for ages 3-5 years

Children join this class when they are ready to dance without mum or dad. Children continue to work towards our Preschool Star Awards and we use lots of imagery and props to introduce children to ballet. 


Kinder Ballet - for ages 4-6 years

Children join this class when they are ready to start working on our Yellow Star Award. This class is roughly inline with ISTD pre-primary. 

Ballet Kids - for ages 5-8 years

This class teaches basic ballet technique and steps in preparation for joining our Junior Ballet class. Children will work on Orange and Red Star Awards which are roughly in line with ISTD Primary and Standard 1

Junior Ballet - for ages 7-11 years

This is the first time children are introduced to barre work and the traditional ballet class structure. Children work on Pink and Purple Dance Star Awards which are roughly in line with ISTD Grades 1 and 2

Junior Boys - for ages 7-11 years

An additional class focused on preparing young dancers for the steps traditionally performed by male dancers. The focus of this class is on building strength, developing ballon (the quality of a jump) and exploring the athletic aspects of dance. Children are expected to attend a Junior Ballet or Ballet Youth class in addition. 

Ballet Youth - for ages 9-14 years

For children working on the Blue and Green Dance Star Awards which are roughly in line with ISTD Grades 3 and 4.

ISTD Exams

Those wishing to take ISTD exams will need to attend one of the above classes in addition to a weekly exam class. Please contact us for more details. 

Autumn Term 2020 Timetable


3:30-4:30 - Family Dance Private Lesson

4:45-5:15 - Preschool Ballet

5:30-6:15 - Ballet Kids

6:30-7:15 - Junior Boys


3:45-4:15 - Kinder Ballet

4:30-5:00 - Preschool Ballet

5:15-5:45 - Family Dance Private Lesson

6:00-6:45 - Junior Ballet

Term Dates

1st September - 18th December

No classes weeks starting 21st September and 26th October


Class fees are payable in advance each half term. 

30 min - £3.50

45 min - £5.25

60 min - £7.00

Students will also need to purchase the school uniform. 

Contact us for cost of private lessons. 

Staying Safe

The studio will be cleaned and aired ready for each lesson.


Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 3. The floor will be marked out into 3 separate dance spaces to maintain social distancing. 

The teaching will be done without any hands on contact.


Parents will be able to watch from our outdoor seating area. If the weather is bad, we ask parents to wait in their cars. Unfortunately we can't maintain social distancing in our indoor waiting area. 

Further information will be given when you book. 

In the event of a local lock-down or teacher self isolation, classes will be taught on zoom or a refund will be given. 



4:00-4:30 Baby Ballet

4:30-5:00 Pre-School Ballet

5:00-5:45 Ballet Kids

5:45-6:30 Junior Ballet

To Book Your Child's Place

All classes are booked online. Please scroll down and select a class. If your chosen class if fully-booked, please contact us to join the waiting list. 

If you are not sure which class would be best for your child, please get in touch before booking.  

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