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High Winds is our multi generational family home. Nine of us live here altogether and as some of us work in the education/wellness sector, we have brought our skills together to create High Winds Life - your Christian Wellness Hub in the beautiful village of Yarnfield.


At High Winds Life we believe that wellness is a three dimentional concept. We are three-part beings (body, soul and spirit) and as a result wellness needs to be addressed in a holistic way taking into account the well-being of our spirits, souls and bodies.

Our bodies are the physical structure in which we live. Our bodies need movement in order to stay healthy because movement helps the circulation of oxygen and removal of waste products. When a part of body is under-moved it may not be as good at regenerating as other parts and may become susceptible to injury. We can also look after our bodies by getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and eating well. 

Our services that look after our body include:

Sports Massage, Fix Your Feet and Ballet

Our soul is the seat of our emotions. Our soul is the part of us that thinks and feels. Learning new things, setting goals, achieving, and thinking positively can help our mental well-being. Connecting with others and being part of a community can also help the well being of our souls. 

Our services that look after our soul (minds) include:

CBT-Based Talking Therapy and Academic Private Tuition

Our therapists and teachers are fully qualified and experienced in their field of expertise. They provide a range of services that can help with your (or your children's) physical or mental well-being, helping you to find wholeness for your body and soul. All of our therapists and teachers are also born-again, spirit filled ministers. Although we do not bring in any spiritual elements into our services that care for body or soul, our staff members are always happy to chat about spiritual well-being and minister to you on a spiritual level if you would like. 

High Winds Life also provide a range of services, meetings and events that help to care for people's spiritual well-being. These spiritual services are always offered free of charge.  

Our services that look after our spirit include:

Spiritual Salvation, Christian Spiritual Healing, Holy Spirit Encounters, Prayer and Meditation and Reign in Life House Church


Our spirit is the part of us that is eternal. The spiritual aspect of well-being is perhaps a little less well known and is something that people are only recently getting a hold of with things like yoga, mindfulness and meditation. However, when we do take time out to nurture our spirits we should be aware of what spiritual source we are tapping into and communing with. Any activity that feeds our spirit involves connecting with a higher spiritual being and receiving from them. The question is who do you want to be connecting with?   


At High Winds Life we feed our spirits by connecting with highest power of them all - Jesus Christ, God the Father and Creator, and Holy Spirit, who are three beings but one God. 


Jesus gave up His life for us, dying on the cross to take away our sin and bear our curse. He rose from the dead three days later, conquering the power of death. When we believe in Jesus and His sacrifice a miracle takes place. We receive Jesus' righteousness, we are cleared of all guilt before God and we are reborn as a child of God. Then the Holy Spirit (who is God's own Spirit) comes to live inside of us and our spirits become one with God's Spirit. Holy Spirit teaches us, guides us and equips us with power to live an abundant life.

So come and be part of our community at High Winds Life and let us help you and your family on your journey towards life, happiness and wholeness. 


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